As all Playgroups are, Greystanes Groovers are a not-for-profit group run by a committee made up of parents and carers that attend Playgroup with children themselves. The success of Playgroup is largely dependant upon the participation of the parents and carers that attend each session.

The current 2019 committee:

  • Kelly - Co-ordinator (Monday Day Leader)
  • Ashley - Treasurer (Thursday Day Leader)
  • Rebecca (Tuesday Day Leader)
  • Hannah (Wednesday Day Leader)


  1. General Meeting - February 2020 TBA
  2. General Meeting - May 2020 TBA
  3. General Meeting - August 2020 TBA
  4. General Meeting/Annual General Meeting - November 2020 TBA

We encourage all of our members to attend meetings to discuss the daily running and forward planning for Greystanes Groovers Playgroup. At meetings we make decisions about purchasing and maintenance of equipment, fundraising and events (Christmas Party etc). If you have any suggestions and would like an item raised at a meeting but are not able to attend please feel free to contact us  and let us know, we will add it to our agenda and raise it in your absence.