Outing Ideas

Every term it's great for the group to get away for a session and do something different with the kids. Here are some ideas for a group outing for Playgroup.



Central Gardens, Merrylands West

Holroyd Gardens, Merrylands

Bicentennial Park, Homebush

Lizard Log, Western Sydney Regional Park

Parramatta Lakes Playground

The Armoury, Homebush (Water Play)

Granville Park, Merrylands (Water Play)

Francis Park, Blacktown (Water Play)

Aquatic Centre, Homebush (Swimming pool)

Ride the bus or the train 

Museum of Modern Art (Childrens Programs) – Most activities are for ages 4+ however there is some mother/baby tours available for children under 1

Art Gallery NSW – various programs including Tours for Tots 3-5yrs

Trip to the Movies (most suited to approximately 3+)



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