Session Structure

Each day manages their time at Playgroup in whatever manner suits them and the ages of the children attending on the day. Here are two sample routines for running a Playgroup that might give you some ideas about structuring your own session. One provides a simple structure allowing lots of time for free play and would be best suited to young toddlers and babies, the other is much more detailed and offers a greater amount of structure and would be best suited for older children (3+)

Session Structure 1 (Babies and young toddlers)

 10am  Hellos, indoor and outdoor play areas and a few activities set up, free play
 10:30am  Morning tea
 11:00 Craft
 11:30 Free Play
 11:50 Story/ music time
 12:00 Pack away. Clean up and good byes

Session Structure 2 (Age 3+)

In order for this structure to work it is important that all parents assist in some capacity eg; run a station, encourage children to participate, clean up, keep an eye on time.



Craft set up at tables ready for children to create something.
Other minimal toys also set up for free playtime until morning tea.

Craft packed up and morning tea put out for children and adults.
Morning tea packed up, while other adults run a group activity with children.
Activity stations should then be set up by some parents (when others are finishing morning tea) to allow children to have a variety of things to play with. Also this ensures we use all of our equipment.
Activity ideas that best utilize our equipment
Blocks station
Pretend play – dress up hats, kitchen play, tool benches, car garage, doctors kit
Water play – water course with floating toys
Art work – crayons, textas, painting on easels
Ideas for group activities
Music time – songs, dancing, parachute games, karaoke
Outdoor time – Nature walk, obstacle course, bikes
Games – Musical chairs, What’s the time Mr Wolf, etc
Parachute Games (See parachute book in white cupboard for ideas)
 11.50am  STORY TIME
One parent to read a story while other parents to ensure hall is clean and children are participating in storytime.


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